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Seattle, WA Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement by S&L Mechanical

At S&L Mechanical, we offer comprehensive air conditioning installation and replacement services throughout the Seattle, WA area. Whether you need a high efficiency central air system installed from scratch or a quick swap out of your heat pump for a new model, we can make sure that the job is completely properly so that it gives you years of excellent cooling. As a family owned and operated business, you can count on us not only for technical expertise and industry experience, but also for reliable, courteous customer service. It’s why our customers keep coming back. We hold certifications from leading organizations in the industry and offer 24/7 emergency AC services should anything go wrong after hours. Call S&L Mechanical today for all of your air conditioning installation and replacement needs in the greater Seattle, WA area.

The Seattle, WA air conditioning experts at S&L Mechanical offer quality installation and replacement services.

Which Air Conditioner is Right for Your Home?

Are you having difficulty finding the right AC for your home? There is no shortage of options available for homeowners today. But selecting the right one for your home may be daunting. After all, it’s a big investment of your time and resources, and you want to make sure that it matches your home so that you can enjoy excellent performance and efficiency for years to come. There are several options to consider; here are three:

Central air
When it comes to cooling, a central air system is one of the most common options, and not without good reason. They are cost–effective and powerful systems that can quickly cool down even the hottest household.
Heat pump
A heat pump works just like an air conditioner, but it has a reversing valve that allows the refrigerant cycle to move in the opposite direction. This allows it to heat your home during the cooler months as well.
Ductless mini split
Unlike a central air conditioner or a heat pump, a ductless mini split system does not use ductwork to bring cool air throughout the home, but uses air handlers installed within the living space itself. These compact units can be placed throughout the home for efficient cooling that is also highly effective.

Seattle Air Conditioning Installation Services

Even high quality equipment can falter if it is not installed by a professional air conditioning installation technician. When it comes to air conditioning installation services in Seattle, WA, you need to call S&L Mechanical. We can ensure that your new system integrates into your home smoothly so that there is only minimal downtime between the removal of your old system and the installation of the new. We will also perform a detailed load calculation so that you receive an air conditioner that matches the size of your home. An air conditioner that is too large may short–cycle, while an AC that is too small may have to expend more energy to work at all.

Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Whether you’re sick of paying to repair your air conditioning system constantly, or you want to switch to a different type of air conditioning, there are plenty of good reasons to consider our excellent air conditioning replacement services in Seattle, WA. Let S&L Mechanical find a cooling solution for you that gives you the home comfort that you deserve. Call us today.

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