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Seattle, WA Furnace Installation and Replacement from S&L Mechanical

It’s hardly surprising that the furnace is one of the most popular heaters throughout the Seattle, WA area. It is powerful, sturdy and reliable. But in order to get the most out of your furnace, it needs to be professionally installed and serviced. Whether you’re in the market for a high efficiency furnace for your new home build, or need a quick replacement model because yours has finally given up, we can provide the comprehensive furnace installation and replacement services in Seattle. We work with all types of furnaces, from gas and electric to oil and propane. A new heater is a major investment of your time and resources so don’t let subpar service negatively impact your home. At S&L Mechanical, our NATE–certified Seattle heating technicians provide thorough furnace services. We can find an appropriately sized model for your home and make sure that it is installed properly. Call us today to learn more about furnace installation and replacement services.

The Seattle, WA furnace experts at S&L Mechanical offer quality installation and replacement services.

What Makes a Furnace a Great Heating Option

A furnace is a forced–air distribution system that converts a fuel to thermal energy and uses that energy to heat your indoor air. There are several options to consider, from gas and propane to electric and oil furnaces. This type of heater utilizes an extensive network of supply and return ductwork to pull air in from your home, heat it, and then send it back throughout your living space. The installation process thus involves not only the installation of the air handler itself, but also the ducts, which are typically made out of sheet metal or flexible plastic material, depending on the application. They offer powerful and rapid indoor heating, and remain cost–effective when compared to other types of heating systems.

Seattle Furnace Installation Services

When you invest in a new furnace, we understand that it is a substantial investment, one that you expect to yield good results for years to come. We want to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible so you feel good about your furnace during the heating seasons following the initial installation. To ensure that you’re satisfied, you need to hire a professional furnace installation technician in Seattle. We can make sure that all aspects of your high efficiency furnace are taken care of, from the ductwork to the air handler. Put your do–it–yourself skills aside for this one. For high performance and energy efficiency levels from your new furnace, rely on S&L Mechanical.

Seattle Furnace Replacement Services

There are plenty of good reasons to forego repairing your furnace and instead invest in the future of your home comfort with our professional furnace replacement services in Seattle, WA. One of the most common is to curb frequent repair needs, which can quickly add up if your furnace is nearing the end of its service life. It may make more financial sense to consider replacing your existing furnace than to continue repairing and upkeeping an obsolete system. Call S&L Mechanical today for furnace installation and replacement services in Seattle.

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