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Seattle, WA Geothermal Systems from S&L Mechanical

Whether you’re trying to trim your carbon footprint or simply looking to take advantage of renewable energy and cut costs, a geothermal system makes for a comprehensive heating and cooling system for your home. We offer extensive geothermal services in Seattle, from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance. We can handle anything that you may need to get your geothermal system up and running, or to make sure it continues to work for years to come.

When it comes to ensuring that your geothermal system runs smoothly, you need to call on the services of an HVAC professional. At S&L Mechanical, our Seattle geothermal specialists pride ourselves on a firm commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service excellence. As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of your home, and our NATE–certified technicians are ready to get started on your geothermal project. So give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for your home.

The Seattle, WA hybrid heating experts at S&L Mechanical offer quality installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services throughout the Seattle, WA area.

What is Geothermal?

A geothermal system is a forced–air distribution system like an air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace. Like a heat pump, it provide year–round heating and cooling, but instead of using the ambient air to heat and cool your home, a geothermal system instead uses the moderate temperature of the earth just below the surface of the earth to provide the thermal energy to moderate cold and hot indoor temperatures. It circulates a coolant underground, which absorbs and dissipates the thermal energy depending on the season.

Seattle, WA Geothermal Installation Services

Geothermal is one of the most highly efficient types of heating and cooling systems available. But in order to ensure that it works well for the years to come, it needs to be professionally installed by a qualified Seattle geothermal technician. There’s simply no other way to ensure that it is installed correctly. This service requires the excavation of your property in order to set the piping underground, whether in deep vertical wells or in a shallow horizontal arrangement. The geothermal system technicians at S&L Mechanical can guide you every step of the way.

Seattle Geothermal Repair Services

If you find that your geothermal system is no longer working as it should or that it provides inadequate heating and cooling throughout the year, then get in touch with a professional HVAC technician. You should not have to settle for anything less than your absolute comfort. While geothermal systems require relatively little maintenance, they nevertheless have problems like any other type of system. Let S&L Mechanical take care of your geothermal repair needs in Seattle, WA so that your system continues to perform well for you and your family.

When is it Time to Replace Your Geothermal System

Geothermal replacement service in Seattle, WA is worth considering if you find that your repair bills are getting out of control or that your geothermal system is no longer performing as well as it once did. At S&L Mechanical, we have the experience and expertise necessary to provide an honest appraisal of your system so that you can make an informed decision about whether to continue repairs or get a replacement model. Call us today for excellent geothermal services in Seattle.

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