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Seattle, WA Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance from S&L Mechanical

Does your heat pump make a grinding noise during operation? Does it need to be cleaned? Are you tired of high energy bills? These are all excellent reasons to call S&L Mechanical. We can provide you with superior heat pump repair and maintenance services in Seattle, WA that will get to the root of the problem and make sure that your equipment is routinely cleaned, adjusted, and inspected. Over the course of its service life, your heat pump will endure significant wear and tear, especially considering that it operates year–round to keep your home both heated and cooled. There is no getting around the fact that repairs will have to be made at some point. When problems arise, you need an HVAC contractor you can depend on. Our NATE–certified Seattle heating specialists can ensure that your heat pump’s effectiveness and efficiency is restored, whether you need repair or maintenance. Call S&L Mechanical today to find out more about what we can offer you.

The Seattle, WA heat pump experts at S&L Mechanical offer quality repair and maintenance services.

Seattle Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pump problems are inevitable, but they should not be taken lightly. If anything goes wrong with your heat pump, you need to make sure that it is taken care of as soon as possible. There’s no other way to ensure that your HVAC system has the ability to keep you and your family members comfortable year–round. Here a few common heat pump repairs that your home may encounter:

Low refrigerant
You may notice frost on the coils, or you may notice that the temperature of the air you requested is completely inaccurate. Low refrigerant has numerous symptoms, and needs to be professionally diagnosed. It is typically caused by a leak.
Strange noise
Grinding, buzzing, banging, and hissing are all sounds that you may want to keep an ear out for. If you notice that the sound that your heat pump makes during its operation is suddenly different, it’s probably a sign of something gone wrong.
Dirty coils
Over time, your heat pump will accumulate dust and debris that can have damaging effects on its operation.

Routine Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Seattle

Whether you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency, heating and cooling performance, or the system longevity of your heat pump, routine maintenance is the way to go. While you should check on your air filter about once a month during the peak usage times to see if it has become clogged or excessively dirty, the majority of maintenance duties need to be taken care of by a professional Seattle heat pump technician. During these heat pump tune–ups, we will thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your entire system, both to restore effectiveness and to look for any signs of problems, such as low refrigerant. We can then evaluate the state of your heat pump so that you know exactly what’s going on with your HVAC system. Call S&L Mechanical for all of your heat pump repair and maintenance needs in Seattle, WA