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Seattle, WA Duct Cleaning from S&L Mechanical

When you run your furnace or air conditioner, does dust plume out into your home? Have you noticed a slow decline in the performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC system? For homeowners with forced–air distribution systems that use ducts to facilitate the circulation of conditioned air throughout the home, you know how critical they are to ensuring that you receive clean air in your home. They are the intermediary between you and your cooled and heated air, and, as such, they need to be kept in excellent condition throughout the years if you want to sustain high indoor air quality and a satisfactory performance. At S&L Mechanical, we understand this issue all too well. We offer comprehensive duct cleaning services throughout the Seattle, WA area that can ensure that your ducts are thoroughly free of dust, pollen, dander, and other debris. We are certified by the North American Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) and our technicians are NATE–certified. Not only do we excel at customer service, but we have the technical expertise and experience to ensure that the job is done correctly every time. Call us today for all of your duct cleaning needs in Seattle, WA.

The Seattle, WA duct cleaning experts at S&L Mechanical offer quality ductwork maintenance services.

Why Professional Duct Cleaning is Important

In order to have your ducts cleaned properly, they need to be cleaned professionally. There is simply no other way. While duct cleaning in Seattle, WA can be a valuable and cost–effective service, when completed by an amateur, it can actually detract from the effectiveness of your system and put the integrity of your ducts at risk. Even sheet–metal ductwork can crack, tear, and develop loose connections from time to time; taking the cleaning of your own ducts into your own hands can lead to damage. Let the duct cleaning professionals at S&L Mechanical take care of your ductwork on an occasional or routine basis and we’ll have your system restored in no time.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Professional duct cleaning offers numerous benefits to the homeowner. During the service, our Seattle duct cleaning technicians will use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your ducts are not only clean but also kept safe in the process. This typically involves the use of a vacuum–brush that can disturb any resilient debris accumulation and remove it quickly from your ducts. We can even follow that up with a germicidal treatment if you so choose.

Having clean ducts can greatly improve your heating and cooling system. As debris builds up inside your ductwork, it cuts down on airflow. Even the smallest layer of dust can negatively impact your energy efficiency and reduce performance levels. This is also an indoor air quality issue, however. While the verdict is out regarding whether common household dust is actually harmful to you, residents with respiratory conditions and allergy sensitivities alike can attest to the ill effects of airborne pollen, dander, and other debris. The air quality technicians at S&L Mechanical offer superior duct cleaning services in Seattle. Call us today.