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My wife and I are grateful for the incredibly fast and thoughtful response from everyone at SL Mechanical. We woke up, at 2:00 AM, to a cold 45 degrees and two crying babies and were told by many HVAC companies, the next morning, that we would not have a furnace repair or ...replace for days. SL Mechanical was at my home at 9:00 AM and ready to replace my 16 year old failed furnace. I checked prices and not only did SL beat all the competitor prices - they exceeded all the other companies in both service and friendliness. Thank you again SL mechanical for caring about my family. You've earned my commitment and I'm happy to recommend you to everyone!

John Michael S., Kirkland

Hello Leilani, Steve and Troy,

I wanted to write a referral letter for your company as I was not only pleased, but impressed with the way you do business. For anyone considering HVAC work I would not hesitate to do business with your company.

Even though my job in West Seattle was a relatively small job (furnace replacement) you guys treated me like one of your best customers. And I got the feeling you treat all of your customers the same way. I went to the trouble of getting numerous bids to have this work done. While your price wasn’t the least expensive it was definitely one of the better quotes I received. After receiving all of the bids I called you back to discuss the prices and companies giving me the various quotes. You guys were very informative and even reduced your estimate to earn my business. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the way you were willing to work out an agreement between us.

The good service began with Leilani in the main office. She managed to arrange an install within a week of when I called. Not only that, she was answering the office phone at 8 PM on a Friday evening. I called to leave a message and she picks up the phone ready and willing to do business. Who does that these days? The answer is not too many people. Not only was she working at some insane hour she was most pleasant in doing so. That was unbelievable customer service. There was a slight time crunch on this project so Leilani scheduled Steve to come to my place for an estimate on the next Sunday! Again, who does business that way anymore? And again, the answer is not too many people. It would be very difficult to find anyone as dedicated to their company as Leilani and Steve are to theirs.

They scheduled the install and not only does Troy show up on-time and ready to work, but Steve shows up ahead of him to make sure the job is going to go smooth. Troy did a great job replacing the furnace. Troy takes great pride in his work and doesn’t stop working until the job is done to perfection. Even though it was a Friday late afternoon, Troy stayed over-time to make sure the job was done to his exacting standards. I just don’t think you can ask for anything more than that.

The last thing S and L did was call in the company warranty information for me to insure I received the extended warranty being offered. That was also done Friday evening after Troy stayed late finishing the install. I’m pretty sure it could have waited to the following day, but it was done that evening by Steve and Leilani. I’m not sure if any of these people ever go home.

All in all, it was a very impressive transaction. S and L gave me a good product at a very good price. And I honestly don’t think I could have received better service from any other company out there. You really can’t ask for anything better than that. Great job everyone... and don’t hesitate to use me as a referral for your company!

J.D. Ragan

Last month I was curious about my air conditioning. Called another company (Secure Comfort) which did put time into checking it. The conclusion was that my current heat pump

would cost too much to just fix-he charged me over $500.00 for a part, and a large estimate for replacement. Driving away, he knocked off a rain gutter, (which I have replaced, and hit and moved a railroad tie 4-5 feet. No note, no call and drove off. The year before Washington Natural Gas (Snohomish) replaced my thermostat for $500-finding the part and labor (3 mins) was worth about $250 max.

Well, now for the good news.

Seeing the quotes left for a replacement heat pump, A friend insisted I look on Craig’s List. So I did, and ran across S&L Mechanics.

Each person in the company, first of all, was cheerful! You don’t experience that much in heating and air companies. S&L agreed that a new heat pump would be the most cost efficient.

The price on the EXACT heat pump, S&L charged between 1k-2k less than what I had been quoted by Secure Comfort rep. S&L were true to their word, they were fair about pricing, and they were all very pleasant to have in my home. I plan to have my services provided by S&L Mechanics in the future. Would recommend if you can find a company like S&L, stick with them. Your heating system can be one of your highest expenses in a home, many heat/air companies thrive as a result of lacking integrity. I have had lots of experience with heating and air companies - finding out later that I had been grossly overcharged. I think S&L has a winning team and I feel fortunate to have found them.

Andrea, Lake Stevens

“You ever have an experience, where the workmanship and what you bought is so good that you want to write a glowing review? That's me. The owner of the house. I love the Goodman gas furnace and air?conditioning system installed by S&L with a heating gas fireplace.

“S&L's eye for detail is outstanding. Even positioning the furnace an inch to the left or inch to the right. They explained and asked me and made it perfect.

“I also looked at and learned about a ductless system. But for my house the Goodman gas furnace is the best. I took bids and hired contractors for each phase of building my new house. When S& L came to the house, I was someone who didn't know brands, type of heat I wanted, the noise it might make and how it would look. And I was worried about all of it. I like that Steve started with some of our customers like this. And you might like it better this way though. He didn't just give me choices but explained why I might like one over the other.

“He called me the next morning. Steve had come up with another idea for system and layout. He must've been up late that night still thinking about my system. In making up my mind I somehow learned not only about my system but about how different systems would look and work. About airflow and what would make me happy. I didn't have to concentrate and stay a step ahead of everybody. Steve and Devon and others made it an easy and fun process.

“References for Steve came by word of mouth. Next thing I know Steve is at a house looking at the system he had installed for someone I had talked to. Because I wanted mine to be as good as his. The more I asked around about Steve the more people I found that all loved the HVAC system he installed for them.”

Jim W.