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AC Maintenance: Why It’s Great

air-conditioning-maintenance-technician-checks-mainfoldSpring is the time to prepare your air conditioning in Kirkland, WA to handle the upcoming summer weather and make sure you’ve always got a cool house to retreat to when the days get too hot. There are some basic steps you can take to help ensure your AC is in top shape, such as changing the air filter and giving the system a short test run on a cool day so you can look for any indications something is wrong.

But there’s one critical step for AC springtime preparations that all HVAC contractors and the US Department of Energy recommend—scheduling air conditioning maintenance with licensed professionals.

What AC Maintenance Is All About

Professional maintenance for an air conditioner is much different in its basics than maintenance for any other device that gets plenty of use, whether it’s a car or the roller coaster at an amusement park. Expert technicians examine the device closely to find out if there are repairs that need to be done, then they take care of routine cleaning and adjustment jobs for a general “tune-up” that will prevent future problems, reduce wear and aging, and keep up efficiency.

Why AC Maintenance Is So Beneficial

Now let’s get down to the specifics of air conditioning. Here’s why regular spring AC maintenance is one of the best things for your home cooling:

  • Fewer repairs: An air conditioner that’s regularly maintained will, on average, experience 85% fewer repair troubles over its service life. This means more convenience as well as savings.
  • Lower risk of a breakdown: You don’t want to worry as you go into the summer season that you have an air conditioner that might stop working at any moment. Maintenance provides confidence that the system will fly through the season without trouble.
  • Increased equipment life: A regularly maintained AC can often last for 15 years or more. Without, it might end up needing to be replaced before it reaches 10 years.
  • Higher efficiency: The stress on an air conditioner as it runs season after season causes its parts to wear down. It also collects dust and dirt. This will lead to the system wasting more and more energy. Maintenance slows down the effects of age and keeps the AC’s energy efficiency high for most of its service life.
  • Protect the warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty may be voided if the AC isn’t given annual maintenance. Without a warranty in force, you may end up paying for repairs or even a full replacement because of a system malfunction due to a factory fault.

Sign Up for Our Maintenance Program

Only an HVAC professional can do maintenance correctly so you enjoy all these benefits. We offer a maintenance program that will take care of both your air conditioning and your heating system each year. All you have to do is contact us and ask about the program. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll put you on the schedule for a convenient and timely inspection and tune-up for your AC. We’ll get you ready for summer!

S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling offers Quality Service for Quality Living. Schedule spring AC maintenance with us.

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