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Air Conditioning Repairs Are Still Crucial at the End of Summer!

technician-checking-on-ac-pressureWe can’t say for certain how many remained days of summer warmth to expect. Summer has a calendar end date, but the summer weather doesn’t. For this reason, air conditioner repairs don’t have a calendar end date either. As we move toward the last full month of official summer, the ACs in our homes will continue to perform an essential service—and keeping up with repairs is an essential part of ensuring they can do this service!

No matter the type of late-season air conditioning repair in Bellevue, WA you might need, rely on our team of HVAC technicians. We have emergency services available 24 hours a day, and we have certification from leading industry organizations such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence). We’ll treat you as if you’re our only customer—that’s how important your satisfaction is to us.

“Can’t I just let those pesky AC troubles wait until next year?”

We understand the lure of procrastinating when it comes to air conditioners in late summer. People look ahead at weather projections and see a time when they won’t need the AC working at all—so why bother getting the repairs done now when the cooling system is still managing to chug along?

However, as HVAC professionals, we’ve often seen the consequences of this thinking, like an air conditioner that breaks down on that surprise sweltering September day. Waiting to do a repair prevents these sorts of disasters, and even if those disasters don’t occur, the repair won’t be cheaper to do later. It will either cost the same or—the more likely scenario—cost more. Delaying repairs for a hard-working mechanical system like an air conditioner means paying higher costs down the road.

“But the AC isn’t running as much this time of year!”

Usually true. But how much has it already run this summer? Plenty. From June onward, air conditioners are busy and put in long days maintaining cool temperatures in a house. This accumulates a large amount of strain on them, so during August and September they have a higher breakdown risk—no matter how much they work. No, you’re not out of the dark (and hot) woods yet, and any time you switch the air conditioner on is a time when it might fail because of the build-up of strain.

Don’t let it linger …

Ask yourself if you want to pack your busy spring or early summer season with arrangements for emergency AC repairs. Wouldn’t you rather have the work done ahead of time? When you arrange for the air conditioner’s annual spring maintenance, it’ll be better if the technician doesn’t find multiple issues with the system needing remedy before the hot weather arrives. Letting recognizable AC problems linger until later means inconvenience.

Protect your comfort, your pocketbook, your schedule, your peace of mind: move right away to have our professionals repair your AC when it malfunctions this time of year.

S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling serves the Greater Bellevue Area and offers quality service for quality living. Connect with us whatever AC repairs you need.

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