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Don’t Ignore Late Season Furnace Repair Needs

wrenchesTemperatures are hovering around in the 50s as we move into the spring. Of course, we expect plenty of rain during the spring as well as chilly days that will require our heating system to come on. Even with warmer weather on the horizon, we recommend you stay on top of any furnace repair in Kirkland, WA you might need. Ignoring problems with a furnace so you can “deal with them” in the fall can lead to even bigger problems!

Never Run a Furnace If You Think Something Is Wrong With It

This is the simple concept we want you to take away from this post. Even if your furnace is still doing the job you expect from it, sending out heated air to the rooms around your house, you must always arrange for repairs if you notice something amiss. This includes:

  • Odd noises (banging, rattling, clicking, anything that’s too loud)
  • Acrid odors from the vents
  • The furnace stopping and starting multiple times during an hour
  • An abrupt spike in heating costs
  • A carbon monoxide detector going off

This isn’t a time to hesitate because you think you won’t need the furnace at all for the next few months! There can be major consequences to letting the furnace just keep on.

The furnace may become unsafe

This is the main concern to have about a natural gas furnace that’s malfunctioning. Furnaces today are built with numerous safety features, and usually a furnace will shut itself off if something goes wrong. But to keep the furnace in the highest safety zone, you must have professionals look into the problem and have it repaired. (Especially if the problem is a CO detector going off!)

The furnace will waste money

If the reason you’re concerned about the furnace’s performance is because of a higher heating bill, you’ll already see why it’s important to have the problem corrected. Why keep paying more to run the furnace than you have to? A repair should get the furnace back to its regular energy efficiency, and you’ll also be set for when fall and winter arrive again.

You may be trapped with a heating emergency

Any warning signs from a furnace mean there is imminent possibility the furnace will stop working or lose most of its heating capacity. When this happens on a cold spring day, you’ll have an emergency repair situation on your hands. You can trust to our professionals to reach you as soon as possible, but we can’t get there instantly! Having the furnace repaired when the problem is still small will not only prevent this type of emergency, it will also mean a less costly repair.

The furnace’s lifespan will shorten

You want your furnace to last for as many years as possible before it starts to decline and needs a replacement. The extra strain a malfunction puts on a furnace will shorten its service life. As long as you continue to operate the furnace when something’s wrong with it, you’ll be causing it to age faster.

Repair your furnace today with the local Seattle professionals: S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling provides “Quality Service for Quality Living!”

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