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Duct Services Means Better Air Quality and More!

inside-an-air-ductYou may have not realized the ductwork hidden in the walls, ceiling, and attic of your house need regular cleaning. Anything that’s disguised as well as the ductwork is something you won’t think about too often, so we understand why duct cleaning may not be a priority that’s popped into your head until now when you started reading this post.

But we’re glad we got you to think about it, because professional duct services in Seattle, WA benefit you with quality living. That’s what were all about here at S&L: Quality Service for Quality Living!

Better Indoor Air Quality

It only takes a year for a thin layer of dust to buildup along the inside walls of ducts in an HVAC system. All the dust and debris from inside the house circulate through these air passages, and they’ll start to adhere to the walls, and in turn pick up more dust. In a span of 3 to 5 years, the buildup can be extensive enough that you basically have a reservoir for air pollutants.

Think of it this way: the average six-room home circulates 40 lbs. of dust through it annually. When you’ve got enough of this dust in the ductwork, the HVAC system is essentially cycling extra dust through the home. Professional cleaning removes all this excess dust and makes it easier for you to keep a cleaner house, and a healthier one.

Better Energy Efficiency

Improving your indoor air quality is a great benefit, but an even bigger benefit of duct cleaning is how it improves the overall energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Even a narrow layer of dust places resistance against the airflow in the ductwork. A thick congestion of debris will place immense stress on the blower fan, resulting in a rise in utility bills. Once professionals have cleaned out the ducts, the HVAC system will be able to “breathe” easier—and use much less power in the first place. If you think you’re paying more to heat and cool your house than before, the fault may be ducts in need of cleaning.

Better HVAC Performance

You don’t want dust, dander, lint, and other debris to enter into the cabinet of the HVAC system because it will damage motors and create trouble for the refrigerant coils. But when you’ve got extremely dirty ductwork, the chance of damage is much higher. A clean ventilation system means a cleaner heating and cooling system.

Professional Duct Cleaning Does the Job

You can’t clean your ducts using a vacuum with a long hose. Real duct cleaning requires high-end equipment to pressurize the ventilation system and agitate debris from the walls, as well as powerful rotary brushes to insert into the vent registers. Only trained professionals can do this work. Our team can do a complete duct cleaning for your home in only a few hours, and after that you should have a few years of excellent HVAC performance before you need to schedule the service again.

S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling offers Quality Service for Quality Living. Arrange for service in the Greater Bellevue Area.

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