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Did You Have Your AC Maintained in Spring? Here’s How You Benefited!

money-into-piggy-bankTaking care of your air conditioning in Bellevue, WA is a big part of our job. One of our strongest recommendations for our customers is to sign up for our regular maintenance program to take care of their cooling and heating systems. During spring AC maintenance, our technicians inspect and tune-up a home’s air conditioning system to help it perform its best over the coming summer.

“Hey, that’s great—but I already signed up and had my AC tuned-up.” That’s great—and we’d like to share with you how you benefited this summer because you took this important step. After all, we want you to keep current with your regular maintenance appointments: it’s good business for us and great comfort and savings for you.

No. 1: Your AC didn’t break down

Okay, we can’t say for 100% certain that your air conditioning system didn’t have a failure over the summer. But the chance of it happening is much lower if the AC was professionally maintained before the summer heat started. The main causes of an air conditioner failing are all avoidable thanks to arranging for pre-season inspections and adjustments.

No. 2: You paid less to run the air conditioner

An air conditioner that’s filled with dust and dirt, has motors that are worn down and don’t have enough lubricant, or has grime all over its coils will not be able to work efficiently. You can expect an AC to lose from 5 to 20% of its energy efficiency rating if it keeps missing maintenance appointments—and that means higher bills. Thanks to maintenance, you kept away those bill hikes.

No. 3: You saved on repair costs

We already mentioned how maintenance helps avoid malfunctions that can lead to AC breakdowns. Maintenance can help avoid 85% of potential repair issues in an air conditioner, from the big to the small. You probably didn’t need to have any repairs done this season because of maintenance—saving both money and time.

No. 4: You enjoyed peace of mind

This is the best intangible benefit of AC maintenance: you don’t have to worry much about the system making it through another hot summer. This is the same kind of reassurance you enjoy when you get a tune-up and oil change for your car before going on a long road trip.

No. 5: The air conditioner will enjoy a longer service life

This one isn’t as easy to quantify over a single summer—it’s a reward over each summer. An air conditioner that receives regular maintenance will last, on average, twice as long as one that doesn’t. If your AC lasts for fifteen years, that means around 7 of those years are a product of regular maintenance.

Since we’ve got you here… fall is coming up and we want to make sure you don’t miss maintenance for your heater. (Yes, it’s not too early to start planning for winter weather.) We want to be able to greet you next spring with a post about how you benefited from your fall heating maintenance!

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