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Is a Heat Pump Your Perfect Spring HVAC Installation?

heat-pump-cabinetIf you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have plans to make big changes to your home’s HVAC system this spring. It’s a great season for heating and air conditioning improvements, since it comes in between the hottest and coldest times of the year. You’ll have an opportunity to think through your options, work with professionals who don’t have a hundred emergency calls on their plate, and have the new installation finished before the first heat wave arrives.

A heat pump is almost certainly on your list for a possible new installation. But is a heat pump in Bellevue, WA the right choice for your home? Let’s dive deeper into that question…

The Two-in-One Function of the Heat Pump

A heat pump is both a central heating and air conditioning system. Installing one allows you to dispose of both your old AC and old heater. And a heat pump truly is two-in-one: it isn’t two different systems put into the same package, but a single system that can switch between heating and cooling modes while still doing essentially the same job. Basically, a heat pump is an air conditioner that can switch the direction it moves heat. Rather than move heat out of the house, it can move heat into it.

This dual function is the main reason homeowners are often excited about the possibilities of a heat pump. One installation takes care of year-round comfort.

The Heat Pump and the All-Electric House

For homes that only have electrical power and no natural gas line, a heat pump is one of the best choices for comfort. The standard electric furnace uses much more electricity to run than a heat pump in heating mode and can save a home a great deal of money each winter. We strongly recommend a heat pump installation if you’ve previously relied on an electric furnace.

The Heat Pump and Winter Conditions

There’s one drawback to heat pumps, which is that they can lose efficiency under extremely cold conditions. A heat pump must draw heat from the outside during winter, and that becomes more difficult the colder it is outdoors. Fortunately, heat pumps are getting more effective all the time, and the winters in Seattle rarely get cold enough to the point that heat pumps struggle.

Replacing an Older Heater and Air Conditioner

You should only have a heat pump installed if you are replacing both the old air conditioner and heater. It’s not cost-effective to put in a heat pump to only do one job, either cooling or heating. So if you have an old air conditioning system but a reasonably new electric furnace, it’s best to replace the AC with another AC. In situations where the heater and AC are the same age, a heat pump is a much more attractive solution.

Ask for a Professional Opinion

The easiest way to learn if a heat pump is the best choice for your new HVAC system is to ask our skilled experts. They can perform a heat load calculation and determine how well a heat pump will work for your year-round needs, as well as give you a breakdown on long-term savings vs. initial installation costs.

Find out if a heat pump is your perfect new HVAC system! S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling serves the Greater Bellevue Area.

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