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It’s Not Too Late for Heating Maintenance

checkmark-greenThe official start of winter is a month away, although winter temperatures never obey the calendar exactly. You might think because it’s so late in the fall and Thanksgiving is here that you’ve missed the window of opportunity to have your furnace or other home heating system given a good professional inspection and tune-up. But it’s not!

Here’s what you should keep in mind: skipping heating maintenance entirely for a year is bad news for your heater. It’s better to get it done a bit later than normal rather than skip it outright.

And right now is still not remotely too late in the season. Winter isn’t even here, so call our office and ask about our regular maintenance program. We’ll get you signed up in no time and put you on the schedule for great heating maintenance in Lynnwood, WA.

A Few Reminders of Why Heating Maintenance Is So Important

One reason homeowners sometimes shrug off annual maintenance is because they aren’t aware of why it’s so beneficial. We want to make sure you know why these regular inspections and tune-ups are so crucial:

  • Safety: Safety first, always! For natural gas-powered heating systems such as furnaces (common in our area), maintenance is an essential part of keeping the furnace running without turning hazardous. During maintenance, a technician checks for possible gas leaks, safety feature malfunctions, and cracks in the heat exchanger. But even electric heating systems develop safety problems without regular service.
  • Repair and breakdown prevention: The inspection phase of maintenance looks for all types of problems that may be brewing in the heater, but which haven’t shown outward signs yet. The technician will alert you to repair issues so you can have them fixed before winter. The tune-up phase of maintenance helps prevent future repairs, and best of all makes it much less likely the heater may abruptly fail during the season.
  • Increase equipment lifespan: A heater that has annual maintenance will last longer than one that misses it. Often twice as long! You don’t want to end up replacing your furnace seven years earlier than you should—that’s an expensive “repair.” Keeping up with inspections and tune-ups helps avoid costly early replacements.
  • Protect the warranty: Around 2% of heating systems leave the factory with some type of fault. This is why they have warranties: to protect you from having to pay for a new system if your current one fails due to a factory flaw. However, to keep a warranty in force, the heater must have annual professional maintenance. Don’t let this important protection slip away!

Maintenance Service for the Whole Year

When you sign up for a maintenance program, you get more than annual service each fall. You also get air conditioning service in the spring. All the same benefits apply to your AC: fewer repairs, low breakdown risk, longer service life, warranty kept current. We want to help you enjoy the best comfort and quality living around the year with our regular HVAC services, so call us today to find out more information.

S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling provides Quality Service for Quality Living! Schedule heating maintenance with us before winter.

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