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Should You Replace BOTH Your Heater and AC?

hot-and-cold-homesSpring is almost here, and although that doesn’t mean an automatic switch to warmer weather, it is the best time to start making plans about any big changes in your home heating and AC. Spring weather hovers pleasantly between too hot and too cold, which is an ideal situation to call on an HVAC contractor in Kirkland, WA to install new comfort systems.

This leads us to the question in the title … if you think you’re ready to replace the heating system or the air conditioning system, should you have both replaced? Let’s take a look into this.

When the systems are about the same age

Is the current HVAC system in your house the one that was installed when you moved in? Do you know if it’s the original system installed in the house? In these cases, the heater (likely a furnace, either electric or natural gas) and the air conditioner are probably the same age. The blower fan that works with both of them in the HVAC cabinet is likely the same age as well. Furnaces and ACs often have different equipment lifespans, with furnaces able to go for a few years longer than an air conditioner.

However, if cases where both are the same age, we recommend changing out one when you change out the other. Some reasons why:

  • It’s more convenient. If you only replace one, you’ll need to replace the other in a few years anyway. Get them both done at once and you’ll have few worries for the foreseeable future.
  • It’s often less expensive to do this—the work is easier for technicians.
  • The new systems will match and work well with each other. You’re getting a paired AC and furnace.

The heat pump option

If you think you want both the heater and air conditioner replaced, this is a great time to consider a heat pump. An installation of heat pump takes care of both heating and cooling in a single unit. If your home doesn’t have a natural gas line, replacing an old electric furnace with a heat pump will significantly lower your electric bills during the winter. And you’ll still have great cooling power.

Replacing one at a time

If the two systems are a few years apart (you can find out exactly by examining the exterior of the furnace and AC to find the manufacturer’s date) and the reason you’re considering a replacement is that one of them is starting to underperform or suffer from numerous repair problems, then replacing the worrisome system alone may be the right choice. You don’t want to replace any HVAC system years before its time. If the younger system is still under warranty and hasn’t indicated any signs of trouble, it’s best to leave it in place.

The opinion of a professional

Do you still feel uncertain about your spring HVAC plans? Don’t worry—you’ve got us to help. Give our office a call and schedule an appointment where we can look over your equipment and provide you with options.

Schedule an HVAC system estimate. S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling offers “Quality Service for Quality Living!”

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