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Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance: It’s Important


The official first day of spring is only a little more than a week away, and that means it’s the time of year to arrange for a professional air conditioning inspection and tune-up. This routine spring maintenance is one of the biggest favors you can do for your AC—and for yourself and your family! We offer great air conditioning maintenance in Bellevue, WA and the surrounding areas. If you call today, you’ll be able to arrange for a convenient time for the inspection and tune-up and be able to beat out the first hot day.

Why Maintenance Is Important—Every Year

We can hear that nagging part of your brain telling you that this isn’t necessary. “Every year? That seems extreme. The AC is working fine, what’s the point in putting more money into it?” Please don’t listen to that voice, because air conditioning maintenance is not a luxury for the system. If you want the AC to pay back your initial investment in it and provide reliable cooling, you must have maintenance done each year. (Spring is the best time for it because it cleans and adjusts the system before you need it the most.)

Here are some reasons annual maintenance is vital for an AC:

  • It removes wear, tear, and dirt: As an air conditioner runs, it starts to wear down—just like any machine. It also collects dirt, which gets into all the components and damages this. This accumulation of strain and dirt can mean extra, costly repairs to keep the AC running. Even worse, it can mean an AC that must be replaced years ahead of time. Without maintenance, an air conditioner can expect to last maybe 8 years. With maintenance, those years double!
  • It makes the system dependable: The hottest day of the year comes along, placing a large workload on the air conditioner. Do you want to worry that this extra strain will cause the air conditioner to break down and leave you with a hothouse? The best way to enjoy peace of mind that your air conditioner will fight its way through whatever the coming summer hurls at it is to have the system professionally tuned-up.
  • It keeps the AC from costing too much to run: The energy efficiency of your system (measured as SEER) is only good if the air conditioner receives annual maintenance. Each year that it misses maintenance, SEER will decline. You might end up paying 25% more for your home cooling annually than you should.
  • It keeps the warranty valid: The warranties for many air conditioners remain valid only if the system receives professional maintenance once a year. Don’t let your warranty be voided because the system skipped its regular tune-up and inspection!

Having spring air conditioning maintenance done isn’t a chore. You only have to call our customer service professionals and ask to get on the schedule. This time of year is a slower one for HVAC companies since we’re in that mild period between winter and summer. That makes it simple to arrange for a convenient appointment.

At S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling, we treat every customer like they’re our only customer!

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