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Tips for Saving on Cooling with the Thermostat This Summer

setting-thermostatYou expect higher electrical bills during the summer because the air conditioning system runs more often. The compressor in an AC requires a large amount of electricity. But are there ways you can cut down on these costs without having to leave the air conditioner off and sweating through the summer?

Yes, there are a couple. We’re going to look at one of the simplest of all in this post. All you have to do is know the best settings for the thermostat.

Smart Thermostat Settings in the Heat

What temperature do you like to set your thermostat to during a hot day? If your answer is “I change it up or down as I need it” or “As low as it can go,” then you’re wasting money without receiving the comfort you want.

The problem with making constant temperature adjustments or putting the thermostat temperature down around 60°F (usually the lowest setting on a home thermostat) is that it treats the thermostat as if it were a throttle: the more you press it down, the more power you get from it. But this isn’t how a thermostat works. It’s actually a switch: it turns the AC compressor and fans on and off. A low setting doesn’t mean faster cooling or an air conditioner that puts out more cooling. It means the air conditioner remains running longer until it meets the thermostat setting. You’ll waste power running the AC to reach a temperature that’s too cold for comfort! Running the temperature up and down only forces the air conditioner to start and stop more often, which places extra strain on the compressor and raises your bills.

What’s the best setting? You want the indoor temperature to be as close as possible to the outside in order to slow down heat loss. We suggest 78°F during the day. If this feels too warm, go to a few degrees lower and then raise the temperature one degree per day until the household is accustomed to 78°F. If you follow these steps, you can see a reduction of 10% to even 20% off your AC bills.

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