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Warning: Never Try to Fix a Gas Furnace Yourself!

furnace-oldThe gas furnace—it’s probably the type of heating system you have in your home. We say this because the gas furnace is the most popular heater found in homes across the country. Natural gas is readily available (no need to schedule deliveries), less expensive than electricity, and burns hot so furnaces provide a powerful level of warmth able to deal with even the most extreme cold weather.

Another benefit of the gas furnace is its reliability if properly maintained. But a furnace can still malfunction, and during this coming winter you may find yourself in need of furnace repair in Lynnwood, WA. If that time comes, your first instinct might be to pick up some tools from the garage or basement, open the furnace cabinet, and see if there’s any basic trouble you can fix.

But please don’t do this!

Gas Furnace Repairs Are Potentially Dangerous

… or at least they are for an amateur. Any natural gas appliance or natural gas line can develop leaks or create combustion hazards if it’s worked on improperly. This is why it’s illegal in most jurisdictions for anyone except a certified professional to perform repairs, installations, maintenance, etc. for appliances hooked to gas mains.

We could also mention that it’s unlikely you or an amateur “handyman” could even fix the furnace correctly, regardless of the other serious safety issues involved. When a gas furnace malfunctions—whether it’s a full breakdown or only a drop in even heating distribution around the house—it’s tricky to locate the cause behind it. There are multiple possibilities, and it takes a professional to determine what needs to be repaired.

You Can Make Basic Checks If Your Furnace Isn’t Working

Although you can’t open your furnace to attempt to repair it, you can make some checks on a malfunctioning furnace to see if there’s a simple reason behind the problem. These are easy steps to do before calling for professional fixes:

  • If the furnace burners won’t light or the blower fan won’t come on, go to the electrical panel to see if a breaker has tripped. Most gas furnaces today use electronic ignition systems, so they won’t light the burners if the circuit to the furnace has tripped. The blower fan can sometimes overload the circuit as well. Reset any breakers and try the furnace again. If the problem persists, call a licensed HVAC contractor.
  • Change the furnace filter if it is clogged. A congested filter can sometimes lead to overloading the blower fan, a drop in heat levels, or uneven heating around the house.
  • See if the thermostat is accurately set. Sometimes the trouble can be as basic as somebody playing around with the thermostat controls. (If you have kids, you know exactly what we mean.)
  • Make sure all the vents in the rooms are open and uncovered. Vents should never be shut or blocked.

Once you’ve eliminated these simple reasons for furnace troubles, pick up the phone and call our team. We’ll be there to have your furnace safely back to work!

Repair your heating system with the Greater Bellevue area HVAC professionals. S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling offers Quality Service for Quality Living!

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