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Watch Out for Offers of Low Cost AC Repairs This Spring!

hand-holding-wrenchWhen the spring warmth comes along, air conditioners all around the Seattle area turn on for the first time of the year. The sound of the whirr of the AC compressors brings out a certain strange figure from the shadows: the sneaky “repair” guy who drives a van with stenciled lettering and who offers to repair air conditioning troubles for a super cheap rate.

We know it’s tempting to take a low, low cost offer to repair an air conditioner that isn’t working right, or even to have it maintained. If you’re stuck with an overheated house and you’re stressed about scheduling the work, going with the fellow who says he can do the work now and not make a big dent in your coming vacation budget may be an appealing route.

But you should never allow an non-licensed non-professional to work on your air conditioner. If somebody makes this sort of offer to you, ask to see their credentials that show they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Any true HVAC professional will give you this information right away—they expect to be asked. If a technicians can’t provide you with this information or claims that it isn’t important, don’t hire them. Instead, call a licensed and respected HVAC contractor to handle your Bellevue, WA air conditioning repair.

Why You Need a Licensed Professional

We have enough experience in the HVAC field and handling air conditioning work in homes to have built up plenty of stories about having to rescue ACs after an amateur messed up something. These so-called “repairs” often make the problem worse. They may seem to temporarily fix the issue, but not long after the AC will start to fail again or develop a new type of malfunction. By that time, the non-pro has already gotten your money, and you’ll have to turn to a professional to fix the original problem and whatever new ones the amateur tampering created.

Another important reason not to hire any technician who can’t offer proof of licensing is that you aren’t protected against damages to your home or to the worker during the job. This is why professionals have insurance: your home insurance won’t cover major damage that might be caused, and you could end up being liable for an injury the worker sustains on the job if they don’t have workers compensation.

Work Done Right the First Time

Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for a pitch from an amateur “repair” person. They’re good at doing the hard sell and making themselves seem professional. If you’ve had your AC messed up because of something an amateur did, you only have to call us and we’ll sort out the problem and have your cooling system back in shape.

If you’re having air conditioning issues now, or you’re looking to schedule maintenance, go straight to a licensed professional. Our HVAC technicians are all licensed, bonded, and NATE-certified, and they have the training and tools necessary to get the job done right the first time. (Our license number is SLMECML872D7 by the way.)

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