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What Kind of New AC Do You Recommend?

air-conditioning-plastic-grateHere’s a question we often hear from our customers when they’re looking to replace an old air conditioning system or have the first AC put in for a new home. Right around this time of the year is when they’re most likely to ask it, since spring is the ideal time to upgrade a home’s cooling—it’s easy to schedule and the work can be done long before the first hot days arrive.

When customers ask us in person about the best type of air conditioner, we can give them helpful answers. But as a general question it’s a bit tougher to answer. The right cooling system for a home depends on the house itself, the people in it, and the available budget. In other words, the best way to get a good answer to the question is to call us for a consultation.

We can give you some general guidelines of what to expect when it comes to narrowing the field of possible systems:

  • High efficiency is important—but not the deciding factor: Look for the ENERGY STAR label on any AC equipment. This means the unit has passed government recommendations for energy use. You’ll also want to look for high a SEER rating. But a high SEER rating won’t mean much if the air conditioner doesn’t fit your house in other ways.
  • Sizing is critical: Size in this case doesn’t mean the mass of the AC system—it refers to how many tons of cooling it can deliver. Sizing requires professionals to take measurements to determine the cooling load necessary for comfort with creating energy waste.
  • Heat pumps are a good option: A heat pump is an AC that also works as a heating system during colder weather. If you think you may need a heating replacement soon as well, a heat pump might be right. However, they cost more than standard air conditioners.

If you’re ready to find out what the best air conditioning installation in Bellevue, WA for your house is, call our offices.

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