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You May Not Have Enough Insulation in Your Home

woman-shivering-in-sweaterWe didn’t experience cold weather anything like what recently struck the Midwest and Eastern US. However, the intense cold weather can serve as a warning to everyone—many homes do not have proper levels of insulation. The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association estimates that 90% of homes are under-insulated.

Poor insulation means immense amounts of energy go to waste attempting to make up for the heat that escapes through the walls of a home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a house can save around 15% on its annual heating and cooling bills with better insulation.

Newer building codes have improved insulation, but there are many older buildings still around with subpar heat sealing on them. You might be living in one of those and paying higher bills than you should without realizing it.

The Job of Insulation

Before we get into looking specifically at your house, we want to look a bit more at insulation itself and why it’s so important.

Insulation is material used in building construction that’s designed to slow down the movement of heat from one area to another. Heat will always attempt to move from a warm zone to a cooler one; the bigger the temperature difference, the faster the movement. (This is why we recommend keeping a lower thermostat setting in winter. The closer the indoor and outdoor temperatures are, the slower the house loses its heat.) Insulation uses a range of materials, such as cellulose and fiberglass, to slow down the heat’s movement by convection and conduction. In the winter, this means the heat generated from a furnace or other system will stay inside longer. This then helps in summer, as it keeps the outside heat from coming in.

How Can I Know I Need Better Insulation?

The best way is to arrange for an energy audit of your house. This is a test professionals can run to see how well your house traps heat and keeps heat outside. The audit will locate places where your home has air leakage that breaks the heat envelope of the house to allow warm air to escape in winter. When the audit is done, you’ll have an idea of what work your house requires to improve its insulation.

How We Can Help You

When you know it’s time to improve your insulation, schedule an appointment with us. Many homes need improvements in attic insulation, which is the spot where heat most easily escapes because heat rises. We can improve the insulation in the attic, which is like putting a better woolen “cap” on the top of your house. We use blown-in and spray-foam insulation to make it easier to put in new layers, and these methods are especially helpful for oddly shaped corners and spots that might otherwise escape fiberglass batts.

We can also take care of air sealing. We’ll use caulking and weather-stripping to find spots in the house that are losing heat through cracks. You can trust to us to make your home into an energy-saver with insulation in Seattle, WA.

S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling offers “Quality Service for Quality Living!” Schedule service with us to find out about your insulation needs.

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