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Serving the Greater Bellevue Area



Fireplace Services in Bellevue, WA

We live in a cool and rainy part of the country here in Bellevue, WA, and a fireplace makes a natural addition to any home in the area. It provides warmth, light, and a romantic atmosphere on those cold winter nights: providing your family with an elegant centerpiece to your home while helping to save money on heating bills in the bargain.

A good fireplace requires periodic servicing and occasional expert attention to keep it in ideal shape. That’s where we come in. The friendly pros at S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling can handle fireplace cleaning, repairs and other services throughout the Bellevue, WA area. If your beloved fireplace needs a little professional care, give our trained team a call today. We treat every customer like they’re our only customer!

We Install Gas Insert Fireplaces

A new fireplace can be a great addition to your home, and gas insert fireplaces make a great way to add one without a lot of undue fuss. Gas insert fireplaces are clean–burning and comparatively easy to set up, provided you trust a professional to do the job right.

That’s why we put such work into ensuring that we can install gas insert fireplaces of all varieties into homes throughout the area. We’ll go through your options with you and help you find the right one for your home, then set it up perfectly and allow you to take advantage of the light, heat, and romantic atmosphere!

Problems Associated with Fireplaces

Fireplaces are almost as varied as the home they occupy, and here in Bellevue, WA, they’re a very common fixture in our homes. But when problems arise, they can be devastating. Crumbling masonry, problems with the flu, debris build–up and the accumulation of creosote on the sides can all create huge issues with your system. You need a team that knows how to handle such problems correctly.

If you suspect your fireplace needs repairs, don’t attempt to use it. Instead, pick up the phone and give us a call today. We have the skills and experience to handle any issue and make sure your fireplace is ready to use the whole winter long when we’re done.

Schedule Seasonal Cleaning to Get Ready for the Year

One good way to make sure your fireplace is always set to go is to schedule a cleaning session every year before the weather gets too cold. A trained expert will come to your home and give your fireplace a thorough inspection, as well as cleaning out all the soot and build–up and removing any debris that may be stuck in the chimney. We always act with the utmost concern for your home and ensure that we clean up thoroughly when we’re done.

As a result, your fireplace will stay free of trouble and be easy to use throughout the winter. It will prevent smoke from billowing back down into your living room and similar problems. In the event more extensive repairs are needed, the technician can note the problem and set up a schedule at your convenience!