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Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractors in Duvall, WA

A heating system is absolutely necessary during our cold winters here in Duvall, WA, just as a functioning air conditioner is necessary to stay cool and comfortable when the summer weather gets hot. That comes in addition to alternatives to traditional centralized HVAC systems, as well as associated devices like UV air purifiers and indoor air quality devices.

For all of these products and more, the friendly pros at S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling are ready to go with expert installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services. If you need a new HVAC system for your Duvall, WA home or business, call on us today!

Air Conditioning

The longer a problem lingers with the air conditioner in your Duvall, WA home, the more extensive the damage is likely to be. Most repair issues will announce themselves with a change in your system’s functioning: odd noises, lower air flow and the like. Don’t ignore them just because the system still functions. Turn it off and call in the team from S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling. We’ll move fast and can likely limit the cost, since the damage won’t have spread as far!

Ductless Systems

Larger homes in the area often struggle with the requirements of central air conditioning. Costs become very high, and it’s not uncommon to see problems like drafts and cold spots. Ductless air conditioning systems can solve that by giving you precise control over the air in every part of your home. The house is more comfortable and bills are lower!


We live in a part of the world with very wet winters, but they can be comparatively mild compared to other cities further east. For this reason, a number of homes in the area have opted to use heat pumps, which combine the features of a heater and an air conditioner into one system. They work well for our mild winters because they don’t use as much fuel as force–air furnaces, helping you save money on heating bills. We service all central heaters.

Indoor Air Quality

We install both commercial and residential indoor air quality systems. Commercial spaces need a rigorously controlled environment for a number of reasons. For starters, you need clean, comfortable air for your employees to work at their best and for customers to feel welcome in your space. You also need to prevent mold and dust from affecting your stores and important components like computer systems. A proper commercial IAQ system, tailored to your needs, can do that, along with the right team to help install, maintain and repair it!

Water Heaters

One of the problems with tank water heaters in a vacation home or similar spot is that you can’t always be around if there’s trouble. The water can stagnate, leaks can appear in the tank itself, and similar problems can crop up without warning. When they do, it can be weeks or months before anyone notices. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, don’t have a tank and thus run no risk of leaks or other problems! We install and service both types of systems.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC services are a vital part of running your business: keeping the space comfortable for employees and customers alike. But while regular maintenance can catch and prevent a lot of serious problems, no system is foolproof. Sometimes a serious problem will catch you by surprise. When that happens, you need an emergency commercial HVAC service to arrive anytime, day or night, to make sure the problem is addressed and your business can get back up to speed quickly!