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Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractors in Snohomish, WA

Here in Snohomish, WA, the weather has a way of turning our home comfort levels upside down. The same holds true for commercial properties such as office buildings and retail outlets, which is where most of us spend our days. You need a proper residential and commercial HVAC contractor to ensure that your space is comfortable at all times.

We specialize in residential and commercial HVAC contractor work here at S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling, and we service homes and businesses throughout the Snohomish, WA area. If you need a new system installed or an old one serviced, call on us right away!

Air Conditioning

We offer residential and commercial air conditioning services! Commercial air conditioning services differ significantly from residential ones. They must be much more precise in their ability to provide cool air, and a loss of power can be devastating to your bottom line. That’s why we specialize in commercial air conditioning services of all kinds, and extend out services to business throughout the Snohomish, WA area. Don’t depend on a service accustomed only to residential air conditioning services for the all–important task of keeping your business comfortable!

Ductless Systems

The big advantage of ductless systems, besides the ability to set different temperatures in different parts of the home, is the way they can save you money. You can turn off the air in unused parts of the home during the day (such as bedrooms), while still running it in occupied parts of the house.


Heat pumps use the principles of air conditioning to warm your house in the winter as well as cooling it in the summer. Their biggest benefit comes in the winter – though they may effect air conditioners as well – because the heat is derived from the refrigerant, which isn’t consumed the way gas or oil would be. As a result, heat pumps can warm your home for less than forced–air furnaces do, helping you cut down on those high monthly bills. We install and service heat pumps, furnaces, and other central heaters.

Indoor Air Quality

One of our favorite indoor air quality products is the UV purifier, which creates a field of ultraviolet light across the apex of your ducts. As air blows from the heater or air conditioner into your ducts, it passes through the light, which is harmless to humans and pets, but lethal to germs and bacteria.

As a result, the air in your home feels cleaner and fresher. Mold growth will drop and you will likely find that your family feels a lot healthier and gets sick less often!

Water Heaters

Water heaters are usually placed in the basement or similar seldom–used corners of your home. They do their jobs very quietly, which means they may not reflect any problems until the damage is quite extensive. Look for signs of trouble with your water heater: anything out of the ordinary from weird noises to water that doesn’t stay hot as long as you expect. When you spot them, turn the water heater off and call for assistance.

Commercial HVAC

If you own a business or manage an office space in the area, you need to keep your commercial HVAC system up and running no matter what the weather is doing outside. That means more than just installation and replacement services. It means prompt repair when breakdowns occur and regular maintenance sessions to help catch big problems when they’re still small. That way, you can stop worrying about your heat and air and get on with your business.