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Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractors in Woodinville, WA

Heating and air conditioning systems are as important to the buildings here in Woodinville, WA as the plumbing and electricity. HVAC contractor services are required not only to install a new HVAC system, but to repair it as well, and to keep it maintained so that it runs as anticipated no matter what.

That requires the service of a superb HVAC team like the ones at S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling we handle problems for a wide variety of residential and commercial HVAC systems, and can install and repair other household systems like water heaters and air purification systems throughout the Woodinville, WA area. Call on us today!

Air Conditioning

Generally speaking, the sooner you can spot the signs of a problem with your air conditioner in your Woodinville, WA home, the better. Common signs of air conditioning problems can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low air flow or air that isn’t as cool as it should be
  • Short cycling, or turning on and off very rapidly.
  • Unexpected spikes in your air conditioning bills.
  • Strange noises, which will usually start and stop in time with the air conditioner.

Ductless Systems

If a centralized air conditioner isn’t right for your home, for any reason, then consider a ductless system to handle your HVAC needs. It entails multiple smaller units places at different points in your home, each charged with cooling a single room or section. That provides you with more precise control and eliminates the need for bulky ducts.


If you own a heat pump or you’re thinking about buying one, you’re going to need a company with experience in handling issues with them. That includes not only the installation, but maintenance and repairs as well, and it means turning to a service with specific experience in handling heat pumps: including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services.

The trained team at S&L Mechanical Heating and Cooling can handle heating services for heat pumps and dual fuel systems during the winter, as well as traditional furnaces.

Indoor Air Quality

Air purification systems are designed to cut down on dust, debris, and germs that circulate through your HVAC system when you run the heater or air conditioner. They come in a wide variety of makes and models, and the one that works best for you might not be the one that works best for another home. But with the right team on your side, you can select an air purification system that improves indoor air quality.

Water Heaters

Traditional tank water heaters work by maintaining a large tank full of hot water, then dispensing it when you turn the hot water faucet on in an outlet of your home. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, dispense with that notion. Instead, they use heater coils to warm the water as it passes through the pipes on the way to the outlet. It costs less on the whole, and there’s no danger of you running out of hot water! We install and service tank and tankless water heaters.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC systems are even more important than residential systems in many ways. Most of us spend our days in a commercial space after all: an office, a school, a retail store or the like. That means we need commercial HVAC systems to stay comfortable and do our jobs, as well as maintaining things like office computers. The right HVAC service can help keep your commercial system maintained, and installed and repair it when the time comes.